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Co-working HIVE5

We've developed a concept of the project, called "Urban garden". The main idea was to present the office space as a WAY. The way from Urban life to Nature. The way from starting a business to reaching its goals. The way to success. The way of transformations. And the way of development.

Co-working HIVE5

Interior design of a co-working space in Brussels, Belgium

It was necessary to place a number of private offices with a total capacity of 100 posts, a common working space with 30 posts, an open space for 25 people, a living room, 4 meeting rooms, 5 individual booths, a kitchen with a dining area and even a corner for relaxation.

While working on the concept of this project, each designer of the team suggested a number of ideas, of which we identified the most interesting and relevant for this project: urban style with concrete, brick and graffiti, eco-theme and greenery , boho and rattan, integration of sport facilities. By combining all these techniques, we have obtained Urban Garden - a collective garden inside the urban jungle, in the same way that coworking itself is treated as an oasis among office spaces without identity.

Design: Ohra
Visualization: Ohra
Drawings: Ohra
Category: commercial interior design
Project area: 900 m2
Project year: 2018

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