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The project is composed of a building of a villa which is located in the prestigious area of Brussels.

The building of the villa is formed in a way that it remains closed from the street facade and totally opened from the back yard side.The large north facade becomes completely blind and shows only a sculptural entry inviting to the interior of the house.


The whole villa opens towards an interior terrace that becomes the center of the private life of the house. The internal spaces are in permanent communication between them by inner glazed windows and by a ‘central avenue’. All living spaces are designed on one level, except the master suite, which is protected from outside looks and has an interior patio on the first floor.

Architecture: Zlata Rybchenko

Construction: Eric Staner
Visualization: Desirum

Construction Company: Herpan
Category: private residential project
Project area: 320 m2
Project year: 2015

Small ZR_1-min.jpg

Villa is under construction. 

Small ZR_21-min.jpg
Copy of Big_013_Myrtylles_001.jpg
Copy of Big_013_Myrtylles_004.jpg
Copy of Big_013_Myrtylles_003.jpg
Copy of Big_013_Myrtylles_002.jpg
Copy of Big_013_Myrtylles_014.jpg
Copy of Big_013_Myrtylles_016.jpg
Copy of Big_013_Myrtylles_015.jpg
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